PINK // Live in Louisville

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Pop superstar P!nk brought her Beautiful Trauma Tour to Louisville, Ky recently, playing to a sold-out crowd of passionate fans. The arena was filled with a diverse mix of fans, many of whom had pink hair to celebrate their favorite artist. Walking onto the floor of the arena, you could feel the excitement in the air, with fans cheering and holding up signs in anticipation for the performance to come. Extending out from the stage was a catwalk, with a seated pit area situated on both sides filled with lucky fans ready for P!nk to take the stage. At the back of the stage was a screen which displayed various videos, images and colorful lighting throughout the evening. As the lights dimmed, signaling the start to the show, P!nk appeared high above the crowd, swinging from a chandelier and starting the show with one of her original hits, "Get The Party Started".  She followed this up with "Beautiful Trauma" and "Just Like A Pill". She then took a break to address the crowd, mentioning how happy she was to be in Louisville and thanking her fans for all of their notes and gifts. She then proceeded to jump into the pit in order to hug and retrieve a gift from one of her fans before hopping back onto the stage. She then took the time to introduce her band and back up dancers, with each person's name illuminated on the screen behind the stage for the whole crowd to see. With various costume changes throughout the evening, including a skin tight glittery silver body suit, P!nk set the mood for each song she sang during her set.


The production for this tour was phenomenal! During several songs in her set, P!nk, clad in her glittery body suit, mesmerized the crowd with beautiful and artistic acrobatic performances, suspended in the air with ropes and harnesses. This created an almost Cirque Du Soleil-like atmosphere. Although some of her acrobatic performances were solo, she also had some enchanting acrobatic dances with various dance partners, all of which left the audience enchanted and in awe. As she launched into her song "Try", the screen was covered with images of tree branches, with prop trees protruding out above the screen and candles adorning the stage. The dancers wore robes and medieval looking attire, as well as various animal masks, dancing in an almost tribal manner and creating the illusion of being in a dark fairy tale. Next she sang "Just Give Me A Reason" while suspended on a canopy bead and surrounded by dancers suspended from lamp posts and fringed red lamp shades, followed by "Just Like Fire" that included plenty of pyrotechnics.


P!nk performed a nice variety of older and newer songs during her set, with some very poignant moments sprinkled in. One such moment occurred during one of her many costume changes. The screen above the back of the stage displayed a variety of videos of her from throughout the years of her fighting for equality and acceptance for all. The video clips included her goal to empower women and her identification with and need to help those in society who struggle. P!nk then reappeared and sang her hit song "What About Us". Another such moment was a bit later in the evening, following her hit “F**kin' Perfect”, when she talked about her 6 year old daughter telling her how she thought she was the ugliest girl she knew because she looked like a boy. P!nk told the audience how she then went home and made a very long power point presentation for her daughter of all of the amazing and influential androgynous artists from over the years, such as David Bowie, Prince and Annie Lennox. She told her daughter that she was beautiful and to never change, but rather to help others to change to see the beauty in other people. She then sang “Raise Your Glass”, followed by her pre-encore closing song "Blow Me (One Last Kiss)", complete with a confetti cannon!


Coming back out for an encore, P!nk once again donned her glittery body suit and strapped herself into a harness that was attached to ropes suspended in all directions. As she rose into the air, singing "So What", she was able to fly in all directions, reaching every part of the crowd, even those in the "nose bleed" section! Doing flips in the air and one armed push-ups on a post situated towards the back of the crowd, she was having fun with the audience who was loving every minute of the performance! P!nk ended the evening with "Glitter In The Air", signaling the end of an unbelievable night of singing, dancing and aerial acrobatics/dancing. As she led her dancers in a Thriller-esque conga line down the catwalk, she proceeded to shake the hands of the fans in the pit, even stopping to sign a few autographs before exiting the stage to closing credits rolling down the stage screen. Although the audience was sad to see the concert come to an end, they were left buzzing with an incredible energy from such a magical and unforgettable evening. New York Indie-pop band Bleachers opened the show.

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PHOTOS COURTESY OF: Carolyn Lederach