Cursive // Live in Louisville

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Omaha indie-rock band Cursive, who are touring in support of their new album Vitriola, made a stop recently in Louisville, KY.  Having formed in 1995, the band has built a steady and loyal following over the years, with the crowd this evening eagerly anticipating the band's set.  As the band took the stage, the crowd cheered and clapped loudly and were ready for a fun night.  As the band came out onto the stage, frontman Tim Kasher mentioned that the band had just released their new album and that the band would be playing some new songs but would play plenty of older material as well-as many as possible.  They started out their set with "Free to Be or Not to Be You and Me" and played a nice variety of songs throughout the night, including "A Gentleman Caller", "It's Gonna Hurt", "Big Bang", "This House Alive", "Into The Fold" and "Art Is Hard".  Towards the end of the set, Kasher chatted a bit with the crowd, saying he had hoped to take the time earlier in the day to see what kind of midterm candidates we had in TN, which got a good laugh from the crowd, who told him he was in KY, not TN!  He laughed with the crowd and apologized, mentioning how he had been thinking about Bob Corker all day and had TN on his mind!  He told everyone to be sure to vote.  He said he understood how hard it could be for some people to doubt that their vote matters in a red state, but that it does!  He had talked to friends of his in Nebraska who felt that way.  He then ended the set with "Staying Alive", telling the crowd that if all went well they would come back out and finish up again.  The band then briefly left the stage before coming back out for a three song encore, starting out with "Dorothy At 40" followed by "Under The Rainbow", ending their set with "From The Hips".  They played a fun and energetic set and made sure the crowd had a great time!  Chicago bands band Campdogzz and Meat Wave opened the show.  




Neck Deep // Live in Sayerville




The first band to go on tonight was WSTR (Wurster), Had Crowd surfers started pouring in the moment they started playing. I've previously heard of WSTR through a meme, a specific meme calling them out about copying a previous Neck Deep album cover; It's pretty funny. This is their (WSTR) first US tour. Thank you Neck deep for taking them along with you. They are a new addition to many of my playlists.

The second band out was Stand Atlantic. I didn't realize they had a female lead. Which really shocked me! I'm actually really glad that they do. It's always exciting to see more Women in the industry!

The crowd was extremely rowdy for Stand Atlantic. I was very surprised being they're not a super popular band in this state (NJ). I'm very excited to see how far they go as a band & people.

Trophy Eyes was the final band before Neck Deep. The band I Genuinely was looking forward to the most. Trophy Eyes always seems to have such a pure genuine stage presence. John Floreani has an outstanding personality and you can see how much he cares for their music to be shared. Their Crowd was probably the best so far, I had friends travel from several states just for them (trophy eyes). Trophy Eyes have such a strong support here. I hope to see them headline again soon.

Finally, Neck Deep. Amazing, their stage presence is impeccable. The first time I saw neck deep was Warped tour 2017. The moment they got on to the main stage, I immediately knew they'd go farther and get bigger. Even though, already so much success with Peace and the Panic coming out months following warped wrapping. They already had such a HUGE following in the US.

As I walk around to get back to my friends all I could see is everyone standing, swaying, crowd surfing, singing every lyric to every song. They don't just have fans. That's a family rooting for you, proud of who you are and what you've put out into the world.

I've watched this band grow over the last year, between warped tour, the first leg of the peace and the Panic tour; as well this second leg. Their stage has gotten so much better, They have gotten more professional, Their live shows are just truly a wonder. I'm so glad to have be able to attend this show.

All of the bands tonight were absolutely amazing. Thank you so much for the opportunity to have photographed and written this. Neck Deep, Trophy Eyes, Stand Atlantic and WSTR have and will always remind me that it's Ok, to not be OK. Thank you to Hope for the Day as well.

The Gaslight Anthem // Live in Chicago

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In honor the 10th Anniversary of their album The '59 Sound, The Gaslight Anthem embarked on a short tour around the country recently, performing the album in it's entirety, along with a few additional songs.   Making a stop at The Riviera Theatre in Chicago, the band performed to a sold-out crowd, filling the 2,500 capacity venue with excited fans!  As I arrived at the venue, the line outside was long, with fans waiting anxiously for the doors to open so they could secure their spots for the show, buy merch and grab a drink. The floor and balcony filled up quickly as fans filed into the venue, buzzing with energy and anticipation for the night ahead.  The crowd erupted in cheers and applause as the band took the stage.  Starting the set with "Handwritten", the band proceeded to perform "Biloxi Parish", "Spirit of Jazz" and "Mae" before lunching into The '59 Sound.  The fans were having a great time, singing along with the band and dancing to the entire album.  Although singer Brian Fallon did not not talk much throughout the set, he did take some time about halfway through the show to chat with the crowd.  He joked that he hadn't talked much up until that point because he was focused on playing for the fans but decided to say a few words so that the crowd couldn't later call him out on Twitter for not talking to them.  He mentioned that the band had a day off recently in Buffalo and wondered why they couldn't have had their day off in Chicago instead, saying that Buffalo wasn't a very exciting place to have a day off!  He joked around a bit with the crowd and said that he loved the people of Chicago because they can take a good back and forth, that they are not a stiff people!  The band then continued their set, performing several songs from their other albums once they had completed The '59 Sound, including "Mulholland Drive", "Underneath The Ground", "1930" and "Boomboxes and Dictionaries".  Ending the evening with "American Slang", the band waved and bowed to the crowd as they left the stage.  It was an incredible evening being able to hear such an amazing album performed 10 years after it was recorded!  Canadian indie rock musician Matt Mays and Joe Sib, punk rock musician and co-founder of SideOneDummy Records, opened the show with Sib performing a short comedy routine before Matt Mays and his band came out on stage.