Hanson // Live in Louisville

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Indie pop/rock band Hanson, who are currently in the midst of their String Theory Symphonic Tour, made a stop recently in Louisville, KY. The band recently released their latest album String Theory, on which many of their songs, both old and new, were rearranged and recorded with an orchestra. There was excitement and anticipation in the air as fans awaited the start of the show. Hanson has grown a devoted, diverse and loyal fan base over the years, with this evening’s fans eager to experience this incredible evening. As the lights blinked in the lobby to indicate the show was about to start, those who were not already in their seats hurried to them. As the band took the stage, the crowd erupted in cheers and applause. As the band took their places on the stage, brothers Zac, Taylor and Isaac Hanson stood on stage with smiles on their faces, basking in the love that was flowing through the room. As the applause died down, the brothers thanked the crowd for being there to celebrate this special evening. They told the crowd that they had been trying to think of something special to do for their 25th Anniversary as a band, coming up with the idea of recording their String Theory album, which featured old and new songs arranged and recorded with an orchestra. The band then decided to take this album on the road, performing each night with a live symphony orchestra backing them on stage. This evening saw the band backed by the Louisville Symphony Orchestra, with Teddy Abrams conducting. They told the crowd that they would be hearing old favorites, as well as new songs that were written for the album/tour.

Starting things off with “Reaching For The Sky (Part 1)”, the band followed that up with “Joyful Noise”, “Where’s The Love” and “Dream Do It”. Next up, the band performed their smash hit “Mmm Bop”, with the crowd singing along loudly to every word. The band collaborated with legendary composer (and musician Beck’s father) David Campbell on their album and tour, and the level of expert arranging and composing with each song performed. While the songs performed retained hints of their original sounds, the orchestral elements added richness, depth and layers to the songs that turned them into something really special. The brothers were having a great time on stage, and although they each had certain instruments they focused on during the set, they also switched instruments periodically throughout the evening showcasing their musical versatility. Finishing the first half of the evening with “Yearbook”, Siren Call” and “Me Myself and I”, the audience was given a 15 minute intermission before the second half of the concert began.

Starting off the second half of the evening with “Reaching For The Sky (Part 2)”, the band then performed “This Time Around”, which brought the audience to their feet! Also performing “Something Going Round”, “Battle Cry” and “You Can’t Stop Us”, this half of the evening definitely had a bit more of an upbeat vibe, with the audience standing and dancing on their feet more, rather then in their seats! With the more upbeat tempo, the energy in the room was infectious, causing everyone to bask in the good times being had by everyone in the crowd. With Zac leading the crowd in sing-alongs and clapping, everyone was having a blast! Ending the evening with “I Was Born”, “Sound Of Light” and “Tonight”, the crowd went wild with applause when the last note ended. The band thanked everyone for singing along and sharing their night with them. Before leaving the stage, Isaac told the fans that the band would see them soon and until then “Don’t waste a moment and don’t waste tonight”. It was a really special evening for everyone involved with Hanson giving their fans an evening they would not soon forget!

Shakey Graves // Live In Louisville

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Alejandro Rose-Garcia, better known as his stage name Shakey Graves, made an appearance in Louisville, Ky recently with his band, fresh on the heels of their recently released album Can't Wake Up.  Performing to a packed venue, the band had the fans up onto their feet in no time.  The stage was set up with 3 separate screens behind each band member, with an array of colorful lights displayed on the screens by 2 overhead projectors that sat towards the front of the stage.  The screens displayed silhouettes of the band members amongst the colorful lighting to make for a stunning stage set up.  Starting the set off with "Family and Genus", band performed a nice variety of songs including "Nobody's Fool", "The Perfect Parts" and "Pansy Waltz", with Rose-Garcia engaging the crowd and telling them stories for the entire evening.  About halfway through the set, the band left the stage and Rose-Garcia sang some songs solo and acoustically, including "Nobody's Fool", "Only Son" and "Word Of Mouth".  At the end of his solo set, he brought out the The Wild Reeds (minus their drummer), who opened the show, to sing his hit song "Dearly Departed", joking before the song that they practiced the song 4 times so it was going to be tight!  Bringing the band back out for the last 3 songs, the band performed "Counting Sheep", followed by an incredible cover of Nirvana's "Something In The Way", ending their set with "Late July".  Shakey Graves gave their fans a fun evening of music, stories and laughs and The Wild Reeds played a great opening set to get the crowd ready for the evening ahead!  



Cursive // Live in Louisville

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Omaha indie-rock band Cursive, who are touring in support of their new album Vitriola, made a stop recently in Louisville, KY.  Having formed in 1995, the band has built a steady and loyal following over the years, with the crowd this evening eagerly anticipating the band's set.  As the band took the stage, the crowd cheered and clapped loudly and were ready for a fun night.  As the band came out onto the stage, frontman Tim Kasher mentioned that the band had just released their new album and that the band would be playing some new songs but would play plenty of older material as well-as many as possible.  They started out their set with "Free to Be or Not to Be You and Me" and played a nice variety of songs throughout the night, including "A Gentleman Caller", "It's Gonna Hurt", "Big Bang", "This House Alive", "Into The Fold" and "Art Is Hard".  Towards the end of the set, Kasher chatted a bit with the crowd, saying he had hoped to take the time earlier in the day to see what kind of midterm candidates we had in TN, which got a good laugh from the crowd, who told him he was in KY, not TN!  He laughed with the crowd and apologized, mentioning how he had been thinking about Bob Corker all day and had TN on his mind!  He told everyone to be sure to vote.  He said he understood how hard it could be for some people to doubt that their vote matters in a red state, but that it does!  He had talked to friends of his in Nebraska who felt that way.  He then ended the set with "Staying Alive", telling the crowd that if all went well they would come back out and finish up again.  The band then briefly left the stage before coming back out for a three song encore, starting out with "Dorothy At 40" followed by "Under The Rainbow", ending their set with "From The Hips".  They played a fun and energetic set and made sure the crowd had a great time!  Chicago bands band Campdogzz and Meat Wave opened the show.