Photo by: Carolyn Lederach

Photo by: Carolyn Lederach

Anderson East: A Glimpse of the Past in the Modern Era.

Words by: Carolyn Lederach

Incase you haven’t heard of him yet, Anderson East is the Alabama born crooner making his rounds in the US right now opening for Lone Bellow.  We got the chance to chat with him while on the road and talk about how things have been since the release of his debut album Delilah earlier this Summer.  The album highlights Anderson’s unique vocals, displaying raw emotion in a unique way not featured in most music these days.  Here’s our interview with Anderson, and he sure to catch him on the road this November in a city near you!  His live shows are something not to be missed.


How have things been since the release of Delilah and being able to tour off an album?

It’s really nice.  To feel like the thing that you’ve been touring and telling people is coming out, and now its out is a really good feeling.  It's a tangible thing and I think it's been really good that people have heard more than two or three songs and have gotten invested in the rest of the music having their favorites.


Do you feel like people have known the songs at the shows?

Yeah people are showing up and singing words at the shows, so that's a pretty cool thing.

Would you say there are any crowd favorite at the shows?

Yeah I feel like 'Devil In Me' people really respond well to that.  Or 'Satisfy Me' people are taking on to that.  'Find em, Fool em and Forget em' seems to get people riled up.  Yeah there's a good handful of people showing up and knowing.

Do you have a favorite song off the album?

You know they’re all somewhat my children.  I think in different environments I have favorites more than others.  Playing 'Satisfy Me' is always a lot of fun,  there’s also like a sit down thing we develop in our shows and I love playing 'What a Woman Wants to Hear'.

Now that you've been on the road a bit, do you have any interesting fan stories?

I did have a girl and her mom give me a bouquet of roses one night.  That was pretty radical.  I’ve never had anyone give me flowers before so it felt quite nice and made me feel warm and fuzzy inside.  We definitely have our fair share of really people who want to be close, like the one guy who tried to fight us the other night.  We took the higher ground and backed away.

Do you have any activities you do on tour to pass the time?

I just recently bought a skateboard.  I did buy some wrist guards because I'm terrified of breaking my arm.  It's been a nice little hobby to have.  Someone stole my tennis shoes the other day though and you can't really go skateboarding in combat boots, doesn’t work out very well.

Do you have a favorite album you like to listen to when traveling?

It’s always fun to listen to The Eagles.  We’ve been on the west coast this past leg, so we’ve been on a big Eagles kick.  We listened to some French pop music when we were driving through the mountains yesterday.   There’s a lot of personalities musically that’s traveling along with us, so we get a pretty eclectic mix.  

Have you picked up any cool tour souvenirs?   

I bought a sign that says "No Farting", and some random PEZ dispensers.

C: Do you collect those?

A: No, not really, it just seems fun at the time.  The dispensers are super cool, but the candy is terrible.

What are the plans for after this November tour?

Yeah finish this tour out in November and a few dates with our friends Jason Isbell and the 400 Unit after we’re done with Lone Bellow.  We’re going to take a short breather and start back with our first big headlining tour at the first of the year.  Which we’re anxious, and nervous, and excited about.  My fingers are definitely crossed.


OCT 19 - Turner Hall Ballroom - MILWAUKEE, WI 

OCT 20Varsity Theater - MINNEAPOLIS, MN 

OCT 21Sheldon Concert Hall - SAINT LOUIS, MO 


OCT 24 - Center Stage Theater - ATLANTA, GA 

OCT 25 - Mercury Ballroom - LOUISVILLE, KY 

OCT 27 - Lincoln Theatre - COLUMBUS, OH 

OCT 28 - 20th Century Theater - CINCINNATI, OH 

OCT 29 - Shake It Records - CINCINNATI, OH

OCT 30 - Deluxe at Old National Centre - INDIANAPOLIS, IN

OCT 31 - Thalia Hall - CHICAGO, IL

NOV 01 - Thalia Hall - CHICAGO, IL

NOV 03 - Rex Theater - PITTSBURGH, PA 

NOV 05 - Union Transfer - PHILADELPHIA, PA

NOV 06 - Beachland Ballroom - CLEVELAND, OH 

NOV 07 - Tralf Music Hall - BUFFALO, NY 

NOV 08 - Opera House - TORONTO, CANADA 

NOV 10 - Higher Ground Ballroom - SOUTH BURLINGTON, VT 

NOV 11 - House of Blues - BOSTON, MA 

NOV 12 - Webster Hall - NEW YORK, NY 

NOV 13 - Webster Hall - NEW YORK, NY 


NOV 20 - Berglund Performing Arts Theatre - ROANOKE, VA 

NOV 21 - Lucas Theater - SAVANNAH, GA