written by: LIZA BLAKE

PHOTOGRAPHY: eric mooney


Even as though it may seem sheer musical genius, AYER, has slowly built a name for himself in 2014, 2015 will give the alternative-pop world a run for its money as AYER explodes onto the radar with his new music that will give you a new taste of evolution. With the release of his latest single "Black Diamond," new music is still in talks for the new year. AYER is set to release his first EP titled In My Headphones in the spring and has looked back on it as merely a "labor of love for him." But the much anticipated release of his EP is not the only thing fans should be looking forward to from the multi-perspective artist.

"I want my music to steer towards the sun. It's going to get real toasty," says AYER. So far that's the same feeling fans euphorically inhale whenever his soul melting music graces the crevices of your ears. By engaging his listeners, he has incorporated his late night creativity with friends specifically socializing in the kitchen and more importantly, Kafka on the shore. But that's not all the creative syllogism AYER has to draw from. With his infectiously tender 80's synths, he credits the era in such a way that it simply resides within his eternal being: "80’s music kind of lives inside me you know, and the sounds are just how I expect music to sound, so I create mine similarly. I’m inspired by 90's R&B and late 70's disco as well." But as well as he may of articulated his generational sound, how he specifically achieved the rising state he is in now could not be further from that of an easy explanation.

For most people, success is born from that of endless endurance and faith, but for AYER, it took a prolonged existence of mental solitude to achieve the goal he so longingly wanted to achieve. After having to carry the weight of a working job and hefty relationship, he inevitably had to sacrifice what was meaningfully mediocre for something with potential to sky rocket what he dreamed for. "I checked out for a bit," AYER states, "so I could do the work and create those environments for myself. Of course as soon as I made that decision and followed through, incredible opportunities and like-minded people presented themselves." Nevertheless, a metamorphosis of greater change is all it took for AYER to reach the right people to further add to his winning streak of positivity. As previously stated, AYER is very much a multi-perspective artist. Not only in the respect of well rounded producers, but also in the realm of inspiring herbs as well.

Without the help of a very particular weed service and the aid of producer Brian Kierulf, his latest single Black Diamond would cease to exist. After gaining irrevocable inspiration from simply adlibbing the words "black diamond," Kierulf helped transform that simple adlib from present herb to absolute homage. He bluntly states (no pun intended), that "it was just too inspired an idea to ignore and we had a lot of fun with it." 

As if AYER's tactics to intrinsically captivate our minds with his weed-based inspired song weren't enough to win us over, the way he visualizes his on stage aesthetic will drive you over the edge. After officially proclaiming to be a fan of the conceptually inspiring organization, #freethenipple, AYER explains that his goal is to have a stage full of musicians and naked dancers. Not such a bad idea for someone who wants to visually stimulate their audience. Nonetheless, he explains "it’s a comfort thing, really. I’ve got the stage full of musicians in the bag as well, who are mostly clothed."

Now that AYER has set the bar for most outstanding visuals for an onstage performance, it looks like getting the opportunity to encounter this "barely there" show may come sooner than you expect! "You'll see me on the road this summer," AYER hints, "We’re still figuring out our outfits though so we really haven’t scheduled anything." But not to fret, he also hinted at various other projects he is currently working on for this year. Following the spring release of his esteemed EP In My Headphones, AYER adds that he has a single off the EP titled Digital Fantasy with a "killer music video" from Rick Day and Steve Benisty set to come out very soon. With such anxiously prestigious releases coming in 2015, be sure to keep a special eye out for AYER as he continues to make an even bigger name for himself and his evolutionary sound.