Photo by: Carolyn Lederach

Photo by: Carolyn Lederach

The rules are simple...there's a hat, this hat is filled with many questions ranging from the personal to the off beat.  We pass the hat, and artists gets a chance to answer the question they choose from said hat.  Fun is had by all.

We got to chat with Minneapolis' Indie Pop-Rock trio, Bad Bad Hats at Milkboy before their recent show in Philly with hometown boys (and Chat in a Hat alums), Carroll.  Bad Bad Hats released their debut album, Psychic Reader, back in 2015 and we've been obsessed with it ever since.

Without further ado, here's our Chat in the Hat with Kerry, Chris, Conner, and Noah of Bad Bad Hats:


Kerry: What is the favorite city you’ve toured to?

Touring is always amazing cause I really love traveling and I have friends and family in a lot of different places.  So its been really amazing to explore and see all those people.  We’ve played a lot of amazing venues and have a lot different stories.  Honestly, I’d probably say First Avenue in Minneapolis, our hometown venue, there’s so much history there and it was amazing to play there for the first time.  I really really enjoyed playing at The Earl in Atlanta. 

Chris: What is your guilty pleasure song?

Absolutely that Ariana Grande song, ‘Into You’.  That song is incredible and I want to listen to it right now.

Conner: What is your favorite song on your record?

Probably ‘Cruella’, that song is the jam.

Noah: If you could invite two people to a dinner party, who would they be?

I just got into this composer, Mica Levi, she did the soundtrack to Jackie and she’s an incredible musician.  So definitely her.  Probably Andy Shauf, I love that guy.  So he could write another dinner party album…or a dinner party album as opposed to The Party album.

Kerry: What is your favorite song and/or album right now?

I’ve really been enjoying this band Lemuria.  So that’s my answer…that band’s music. Yes. Cool.

Chris: Pick a new name, occupation, and hairstyle for your bandmates:

Kerry - Hambone, she’s a stand-up comedian and she has a shaved head

Noah - Jimmy Dean, he’s a cowboy and he has a mohawk

Conner - Joe Blow, he’s a truck driver and has a man bun, which he sometimes already does

Conner: What’s the coolest venue you’ve ever played?

I’m probably going to default to that hometown, First Avenue.   That’s a rad, wonderful room to play

-Kerry: It’s just one of the best feelings.  It felt momentous to play there.

Noah: What do you do to pass the time on the road?

I definitely look at a lot of memes on the internet.  We also just got these synthesizers that are the size of cellphones and I’ve really been diving deep into making beats on those little things.  

-Kerry: if he get a hold of that aux cord, it’s over.

Kerry: Worst job you’ve had

It technically wasn’t a job cause a volunteered to do it, but I volunteered to pull weeds at a playhouse in Cape Cod.