Not since En Vogue have coordinated outfits and dance moves been so cool.

Celine Neon is the creative efforts of Emily Nejad and Maggie Kubley, alongside help from Maggie's brother Will. BFFs from the start, the duo mash together a formidable style of electro-pop, grime-pop, and R&B in a smooth package that is, at it's simplest, is a talented party in a package. Last week, we were able to catch up with the ladies, their stylists, and crew, before their packed EP-release show at Chicago's Subterranean - and, there was confetti.

Every day should be international women's day, and to prove it, Celine Neon have no qualms about being talented, sexy, hilarious, and perfection on stage all at once. Demanding the crowds' attention, Emily and Maggie take absolute control of ever room they enter, not by force, but by sheer presence. Not only are their outfits styled and coordinated on a level that puts the rest of us to shame (even on my best days), their energy together on a stage is something that's undeniably delicious. These two ladies own everything in front of them. With their new self-titled EP having just been released, you can bet that we'll be dancing  with Celine Neon for years to come.

Video for "Getcha Good" -