Interview & Photos by: Carolyn Lederach

Interview & Photos by: Carolyn Lederach

The rules are simple...there's a hat, this hat is filled with many questions ranging from the personal to the off beat.  We pass the hat, and artists gets a chance to answer the question they choose from said hat.  Fun is had by all.

If you've been following Gabrielle Aplin you'd know she's been making some beautifully angelic music since 2010.  Not only has she been making and releasing her own music for the last couple years she also now runs her own label, Never Fade Records. Harboring some other amazing acts such as Saint Raymond and Anna Straker (to name a few). Needless to say it's all impressive for only being 25!

Without further ado, here's our Chat in the Hat with Gabrielle Aplin


Chat in a Hat: Gabrielle Aplin


What is your favorite 90’s show and/or album?

The Vicar of Dibley.  Dawn French is in it and she’s amazing


What is your recording and writing process like?

Kind of all over the place.  I started writing for my next album before I came out here for tour, then I’m going to go back and do it.  I do a bit of writing on my own and then a bit of production with my friends.  I might do nothing one day and then write some in the evening, but there’s no routine to anything and then obviously there’s a tour popped in the middle of it.  I just write whenever I can and when I feel like.


You are granted a once in a lifetime chance to travel into space.  You’re allowed to bring one item and one person.  Who/What would they be?

I think I’d bring my dog and my boyfriend and we’d just have a great holiday in space.


If you could create one holiday what would it be for?

I would just have a Day off Day.  People just love holidays cause they get a day off, so it would just be a free day off.  Everyone gets to do nothing all day.  That’s the beauty of Day off Day, you can do what you want.


What is your favorite song and/or album right now?

I really like Beck, Colors.  Especially to travel with.


If you could create one Olympic sport what would it be?

I’m not a sports person


If you could have a super power what would you want?

Infinite health, never get ill.  Never get a cold or a flu.  Immunity to any illness.


What was the first record you ever bought?

I don’t even know.  The first album I think I bought with my own money was Blink 182.  Before that I think my parents bought me a Spice Girls tape, that was the first thing given to me.


If you could be an animal for a day what would you be?

I think I would be a bird and just fly around all day.  Or I would be a dog and everyone would love me for the day and get massages on my brain.


What’s your favorite food on the road?

I’m vegan so I’ve been really pleasantly surprised by the states.  In NY the other day we went to a vegan Dim Sum spot, it was amazing and then here in Philly we went to Blackbird.  I don’t really eat that at home, I tend to cook.


Worst job you’ve had:

I haven’t had anything horrendous. I used to work in a subway.  I also used to work in a pub, that was one of my first jobs.  The owners were just horrible which didn’t make it fun.