As fashion styles reincarnate themselves throughout the modern age, different music 

genres make occasional cameos within diverging artists over time as well. What 

generational sound is slowly beginning to make a comeback? A narrowly defined 

subculture of 80’s Pop/R&B and it begins with LANY.

 Hailing from the streets of Los Angeles the pop-trio, comprised of Paul Klein, Les Priest, 

and Jake Goss, have developed a fresh take on the iconic 80’s genre. “We all grew up 

listening to that kind of stuff, but I’d say Les is the most exposed to that genre and that 

era,” says lead vocalist Paul Klein. When forming each element of sound into their songs, 

“gear” is not the key to success. For the most part, their tracks have been born via an 

outdated computer: “Our limitations in gear has really defined our art and we’re still 

using iPhone apps and dell computers in our one bedroom apartment.”  Even with 

simplistic technology that has led them to over 1 million plays on SoundCloud, their 

evolutionary smooth, dream pop synths, R&B style production, and progressive lyrics, 

have innately prompted the group to create a juxtaposition between old and new to 

produce a new wave sound that has their audiences putting their songs on replay. 

But even without their sound, LANY have audiences reading into what every lyric means 

in their various heart-clenching tracks. With the majority of their songs focusing within 

the realm of love and even naming their latest EP “I Loved You,” the trio has multiple 

compounds that make up the stylistically evolved “love song.” “Love, in a romantic 

context, is definitely where we pull the majority of our inspiration from, but heartbreak 

can be very real in a relationship that isn’t necessarily based around romance,” says 

Klein. So not only is love what starts their songs, but elements of heartbreak make it that 

much more of a relatable craft that has people keeping their music at the top of their 


Aside from being in the studio, LANY has big plans for the near and distant future. 

“There are plans for music videos, and there’s a very definitive vision for our debut 

album. Staying home (in Los Angeles) for the rest of the year and working on that seems 

to be the best option with the larger payoff,” says the group. With all these future plans, 

and even an expected release of their debut album in spring 2016, LANY continue to 

break genre expectations and create new art that instantaneously keeps their fans hungry 

for nothing but more.