Boston-based indie-rock duo Magic Man are uniting with the Aussie rockers The Griswolds and Panama Wedding for the Spring 2016 Hotline Spring tour, a 29 date tour taking North America by storm. I recently sat down with lead singer, Alex Caplow, to discuss their forthcoming album and tour.

After completing two years of touring last spring, Magic Man was rough getting back into the grind of studio life. “After touring a lot since the first album, it was hard to get back into the writing process and back into the studio”, said Caplow. The process of writing the upcoming album involved three different locations, (New York, Massachusetts, and Rhode Island), hundreds of song ideas and a lot of trial and error. Throughout the process, the band felt a lot of internal pressure to not create an exact replication of Before the Waves, but to to show fans and listeners their evolution in sound. “You have to write so many mediocre to terrible songs before you get to the good ones”, said Caplow. So what should fans be expecting to hear on the upcoming album? A lot more guitar and usage of live instruments will be present, as the band explained that their live sound and performance really influenced the making of the record. Alex describes the album as “A little more lively, and a little less.. not quite as many like, crazy stacked synth layers and things. More like able to imagine a band playing it live.” Despite losing three band members shortly after the conclusion of their last headlining tour, founding members Sam Lee and Alex Caplow carried on creating the album and in recent weeks have been announcing the new members that will be joining them on the Hotline Spring Tour.

“You have to write so many mediocre to terrible songs before you get to the good ones.”

Magic Man have announced two shows in New York City (Webster Hall April 14th, Warsaw April 15th) on the Hotline Spring Tour and when reflecting on what made the city one of their favorites to play in, Caplow said “New York shows actually used to be the scariest shows, honestly, when we were just getting started”. Now, the band anticipate coming to New York City for the upcoming shows to be reunited with their loyal fans to perform their dynamic new setlist which will feature old hits as well as new songs from the album. Caplow also hinted at a few new covers, because whether you’re there for Panama Wedding, The Griswolds or Magic Man, “Who doesn’t love a good cover that everyone can sing along to?” asked Caplow. If fans are wondering what to expect at a Griswolds/Magic Man dual-headlining show, Alex has your back. “It’ll be fun dance-y vibes all night that attracts a certain, really chill and fun kind of person. I think people should just be excited to dance to some rock n’roll.” The Hotline Spring Tour is sure to be one hell of a party, so you definitely don’t want to miss you. The band’s are excited to be reunited with their fans and who knows, perhaps there will be a Griswolds/Magic Man supergroup performance?