Titanics // Deeper [EP Review]

Titanics Deliver with New EP Deeper

I hadn’t heard of the Albany, NY electro-pop duo Titanics until recently.  Needless to say, I’ve become a fan since receiving their new EP, Deeper, seeing that I’ve had it on repeat for about a week now.

Deeper delivers a solid new work, showing that Titanics can produce both mellow synth pieces and modernized electro-pop works, whether to tunes contain lyrics or not.  Key tracks like ‘Stepping Out’ and ‘2’ prove that Titanics can provide danceable, fun, pop tunes anyone can get on board with.  Meanwhile, tracks like ‘Ellie Kemper’ and ‘So Sleepy Hollow’ provide a mellow, deeply layered, nearly lyric free, electro tune.  In a world that seems to be more and more overrun with electro-based bands, Titanics provide a refreshing approach to the ‘electro-pop’ genre.  The songs are mellow, not overdone with effects, providing a distinct vibe that defines Titanics. Overall, this EP is perfect for nighttime drives, poolside hangs, and what I imagine some great backing music for a future Indie film.

Titanics started as the one man team of Mark Lombardo back in 2012, growing in popularity in Albany after adding guitarist Derek Rogers to the group.  Recently, the pair have been featured on Mercedes Benz ‘Best New Talent’ mixtape, Metroland’s ‘Best Band,’ and have performed with such acts as Portugal. The Man, Vacationer, and MS MR.   They describe their music as “painting a picture of tranquil sounds, spiritual feelings and pop sensibility above all else.”  Deeper is nothing short of a great representation of what Titanics have set out to offer.



Stepping Out

Move Slow


Ellie Kemper

Drive in OOOs

So Sleepy Hollow