Jack Garratt // The Love You're Given [Single]

In the span of the last twelve months, we've featured three Jack Garratt songs. Each one stronger, better, and more fantastic than the last.  Premiering last night as Zane Lowe's 'Hottest Record,' 'The Love You're Given' is a song that's blurring boundaries, and is so rich and full of sound that you can feel. 

Drawing from a place that few fathom to reach to within, and building a presence with his 'Remnants' EP this year, the song mixes smooth R&B lines, mixed with genres one can't quite define, but reads like a recipe. A bit of this, a smidge of that, and a lot of amazement for your ears, this is easily Jack's best release to date.  It's got that Friday night feel, it also has that move your head to the beat feel, it has so much contained in three and a half minutes that you immediately want more. 

Like he said, 'I'm Jack Garratt. I do the musics.,' and he does them well.