Catfish & The Bottlemen // The Balcony [review]

We've been following Catfish & The Bottlemen for the past year or so as their stardom as been swiftly rising. They came on the scene here in the States back in June of last year (2014) with their EP Kathleen and The Other Three, paired with their first US Tour via the Communion Club Nights.  Since then Catfish have been building a buzz, which all comes full circle with this US release of their debut album The Balcony, along with their first late night tv appearance on Letterman this week as well.

As expected, The Balcony features eleven power tracks of raw personal rock from the Welsh quartet. Including ’Kathleen,’ which has been making it’s rounds as of late on alternative radio stations across the US.  Fans have especially been getting acquainted with the line “I gotta give it to you, you give me problems, when you are not in the mood.”  The lyrics in general on this album are real and personal,  material that most people can relate to in their relationships (past and present).  Those personal lyrics are paired perfectly with the upbeat tunes of the band to create a cohesive power anthem to round out their overall sound.  The Balcony features four of the previously released Catfish tracks from the EP.  

Overall, The Balcony is a great debut from Catfish and The Bottlemen, giving us a great introduction to what the band has to offer.  Even though most of us are just getting to know Catfish, they’ve been around since 2007, making their rounds over in the UK.  The Balcony proves to us, Catfish have truly found their niche sound and are running with it.  Their sound is somewhat similar to that of Kasabian or a little Arctic Monkeys, but with a new flair all their own.  This is a fantastic album to kick off many new and exciting releases for 2015.  Keep an eye on these guys and be sure to catch them on the road this year, wherever you may be. 

The Balcony Tracklisting:

Homesick | Kathleen | Cocoon | Fallout | Pacifier

Hourglass | Business | 26 | Rango | Sidewinder | Tyrants

Carolyn Lederach

Philadelphia, PA