The thing that connects fans to the artist is the feeling a fan gets when they can relate to what the artist is saying -- whether it be about a break-up or a fun night out.  While I'm fine with interpreting albums on my own, I also want to know what inspired the lyrics.   

NYC based indie-electronic duo 8 Graves, have no problem bearing it all emotionally in their lyrics, so much so that they've even released commentaries alongside their music! It's a gift to a fan to be able to connect to the artist on a personal level. More artists should do it! 

Their new track Two Wrongs is the ultimate Fall jam, and speaks volumes, both lyrically and melodically. The song speaks strongly of romantic love as well as being kind to one another in day to day life, and is accompanied by a powerful synth arrangement. But I won't ruin the story behind it, - check out the track (and its commentary) off their debut EP "War Out There", available 10.30.15!