Nate Ruess // Nothing Without Love [review + video]

It was recently announced that the rock group fun. has decided to take a break from making more music together until they find that they are “inspired to do so.” On February 23rd, the band’s frontman Nate Ruess, who has begun writing and recording his first solo project, released his debut single titled "Nothing Without Love" from his upcoming album. The single includes a vocal feature by Lykke Li, as well as guitar from Josh Klinghoffer of the Red Hot Chili Peppers.

The upcoming album, scheduled to be released this summer, will also include a guitar solo from Wilco’s Jeff Tweedy. Ruess stated that his new single, which came to him in the shower, was originally intended for the follow up album to fun.’s Some Nights.

After refocusing the song on more intimate aspects of his life, he decided to keep it personal and make the album by himself. Ruess’ unmistakably unique voice is magnified when stripped away from fun.'s signature instrumentals, although the overall song still keeps a similar energy to that of Some Nights

As a final fun fact from the announcement of his new single, he stated that parts of the music video happened to be filmed in the same water tank that was used in the final scene of Titanic.

“Nothing Without Love” is a single that definitely shows promise to the future of Nate Ruess’ solo career. Go ahead, give it a listen!

Words by: Cody Schlabaugh