Erik Hassle + Broods // Live in Philly [review + photos]

I've been a fan of Erik Hassle for about five years now, ever since hearing 'Hurtful', I was hooked.  So I was excited to see him finally coming through Philly again and playing at the beautiful Troc Theatre.  Erik is back with some new tunes and dance moves to make all the ladies swoon.  Starting off his set with newer hits like 'Pathetic' and 'Innocence Lost', from his recent EP Somebody's Party, he powered through the set and even treated us to a solo tune on guitar.  Erik took over the stage with his unexpectedly smooth falsettos, and Michael Jackson-esque moves, accompanying the perfected electro beats created by Rrreymundo. The only bad thing I can say about his set is the lack of 'Hurtful' and other past gems from the setlist.

New Zealand's Broods were welcomed to the stage after a long intermission, to an antsy all-ages crowd, full of loud screams of anticipation.  Judging by the looks on their faces, Georgia and Caleb either seemed extremely annoyed by the screams, or they were so intensely focused on their set to not care about the crowd's excitement.  Georgia spent the majority of the set center stage, emotionally delivering the songs to the intent listeners.  This tour is in support of their recent album, Evergreen.

Words by: Carolyn Lederach

Photos by: Carolyn Lederach (Erik), Lisa Sasserath-Bohem (Broods)