Kevin Garrett // Mellow Drama EP + Philly Show [review]

You don’t hear many stop in your tracks, breakthrough gems coming out of Pittsburgh these days.  That’s about to change with Kevin Garrett.  This young songwriter caught PoS attention a couple months back when we came across ‘Coloring’, since we’ve been anxiously awaiting more. 

Our wish was granted last week when Kevin released his debut EP Mellow Drama.  Which has proved to be an incredible introduction to what he can produce (literally, he co-produced his EP).  Garrett’s music offers a perfect blend of minimalistic R&B and electronic piano pop.  Like a perfect relationship, the earnest lyrics capture emotions, the smoothest of vocals keep you holding on, and the perfectly placed lines bleed out the deep simplicity of the music, all sending you into an atmospheric state of bliss.

As he told Fader earlier last week, with MD: "I'm not trying to break your heart yet, but I want you to know that I can”.  That being said, Mellow Drama proves to be setting a path for more heartbreaking, true to self, yet still lovable tunes ahead.  I for one, can’t wait.

To round-out release week, we caught Kevin at Communion Philadelphia on Thursday.  His first Philly show, and one of his many stops over the next couple of months.  As fantastic live as recorded, the trio's set was a clear highlight of the night.  Not to mention Kevin's solo ‘Skinny Love’ cover that he killed.  If you see Kevin and the gang coming through your city, don’t hesitate, go!

Words and Photos: Carolyn Lederach

Mellow Drama is now available on iTunes

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