George Ezra // Sold Out Philadelphia Show [live review]

George Ezra and the gang are wrapping up their nearly two month US Tour this week.  One of the last stops was a sold out, all ages crowd at The Troc in Philadelphia.

Opening the show were fellow UK lads, The Ruen Brothers.  An odd mix of modern rock, mixed with the vocal and musical stylings of Johnny Cash and Roy Orbison.  Henry Stansall even looked the part of his musical influencers, dressed in an all black button up shirt and bolo tie.  The boys ran through their set, and enticed the crowd’s attention with a killer cover of Rolling Stone ‘Miss You’.

After the brief waiting period, it was time for George Ezra to take the stage.  Sipping on his tea and battling the sniffles between songs, Ezra was able to deliver a flawless performance.  Paralleling his recordings on Wanted on Voyage.

Ezra and the band kicked off their set with ‘Casey O’’ to get the crowd excited. Moving through the album, George then took the stage for a couple solo tunes, including a lovely Dylan cover.  Beaming a smile throughout the set, you can’t help but smile back at George as he happily swayed to his rhythm.  Seeing George live gives the audience a little something special, something we can all appreciate more in seeing someone perform live, the stories behind the music.   Before almost every tune, George told the story behind where the song came from, or didn’t come from.  As we learned from the hit tune ‘Budapest’, George’s European travels didn’t actually take him to Budapest, so instead he wrote a song.

Despite ending his set with his biggest hit, the crowd still waited in anticipation for more.  Ezra returned to the stage for two more tunes and ended on the highest note.  Finishing off the show with ‘Did You Hear The Rain?’, if you weren’t sold on his unique, deep old-blues style vocals yet, this was the selling point.  

Words and Photos by: Carolyn Lederach