The Wombats, Life in Film, Cheerleader // Live in Philadelphia [show review + photos]

The Wombats played the first show of their US tour on Thursday night at Philadelphia’s Union Transfer.  This tour is in celebration of their fantastic new album Glitterbug.  Releasing some of their most impressive work to date, The Wombats  had their work cut out for them.  Blending their now three album catalog into the set to please all the scene kids, and pulling it off in perfect fashion.  The Liverpool trio moved seamlessly through the tracks, looping between old and new, hit after hit.   The crowd kept moving along to every note of the electro-infused pop-rock perfection, and getting hype along with Tord (bassist, backing vocals) as he danced around the stage.

Opening for The Wombats were Philly’s own Cheerleader, as well as London’s Life in Film.  All  proving to be a perfect pairing for the night.  Cheerleader kicked things off with their mellowed out pop-rock tunes, quickly gaining some new fans, and making their homeroom proud.  They are currently on their “Sunshine of Your Youth” album tour with The Wombats.  Life in Film, another pop rock infused band, were sandwiched in the middle of the line-up.  Bassist, Dominic, got the crowds attention when he stepped on stage with a Philly jacket on, brownie points there.  If you’re a old school Kings of Leon fan, you’ll cling to Life on Film.  With their new tunes such as ‘Alleyways’ and ‘Get Closer’ sounding closely similar to something you’d find Aha Shake Heartbreak, both in vocals and guitar riffs.  Life in Film were still able to add their own fun, upbeat twist to the sound.  All the bands provided us with a great night of music.  Be sure not to miss this tour if it’s coming through your town!

All three bands have some great new albums to check out, which you can do so here:

The Wombats Glitterbug (out now)

Life in Film Here It Comes (out May 5th)

Cheerleader The Sunshine of Your Youth (out May 19)



Your Body Is a Weapon 

Jump Into the Fog 

Moving To New York 

Greek Tragedy 

Party in a Forest (Where's Laura?) 

Be Your Shadow 


This Is Not a Party 


Techno Fan 

The English Summer 

Little Miss Pipedream 

Kill the Director 

Give Me a Try 

Tokyo (Vampires & Wolves) 




Let's Dance To Joy Division 


Words and Photos by: Carolyn Lederach