The Corey Harris Band // Live in NYC

PHOTOS AND WORDS BY: Claudia @ Jareth's Girl Music

It took more than just a few moments for the dinner audience at B. B. Kings Blues & Grill to settle in, settle down, and pay the proper attention to Mr. Corey Harris and his band. But once the attention was given, The Corey Harris Band, which is best known as a Rastafarian Blues experience, moved through the first couple of songs with that grace and emotional stealth which is so particular to consummate blues musicians. They maintained said emotional grace and stealth throughout their full set. If you weren't feeling your best when you walked in the room that night, you certainly left feeling wonderful - that's the transformational magic of Blues music, and it was in full effect during this show.

Born in Denver, Colorado, Mr. Harris has had an impressive career.  Over the years he has collaborated with the likes of Billy Bragg and Wilco.  He has also toured with BB King and Taj Majal (just to name a few); he was the subject of a 2007 BBC documentary, The Blues, directed by Martin Scorsese, which traces the evolution of Blues from West Africa to the US. He was also  awarded the MacArthur fellowship, also commonly known as the "genius award'.  

Mr. Harris is actively touring through March of 2016; you can see a full tour schedule of the tour by visiting his website HERE | Also check out their most recent release: Live from Turtle Island 

Carolyn Lederach

Philadelphia, PA