Justin Dean Thomas // Live in NYC


PHOTOS COURTESY OF: Claudia Innes @ Jareth's Girl Music

A couple of months back I had the opportunity to have lunch with Justin Dean Thomas and he graciously gave me a glimpse into the inner workings of his mind.

In a world that is social media savvy ( one can say dependent ), and enamored with the instant, it is easy to forget that the process of creating something beautiful, or an attempt to yield something significant, sometimes takes the creative person on a journey that is solitary, and perhaps long.

We've forgotten that art comes ( almost always ) as a product of a process of the inner workings of a mind, that is sharp and clever, and sometimes ( just out of the bare necessity to thrive and not wither from the assaults of unnecessary connections ) a loner.

So gone are the days ( it would seem ), of the aloof poet, the retiring hero, the sensitive soul, that feels everything more deeply than the next, and serves as the conduit of those expressions, so that we might remember: who we are, who we've been, who we'll become. 

Given all of that, Justin is one of those artists that would be easy to dismiss as 'retro', if his music was any-less compelling than it is.  If you google him ( and you should ), you will find this written about him: 

"He's cut his teeth playing everywhere he could, hitchhiking his way across America and immersing himself in folk, country, rhythm & blues and rock n roll. Lending his time to poetry and songwriting, he has developed a sound all his own, and got his foray singing in the NYC subways and clubs, while gathering momentum to work on solo material. "

His single 'Standing In the Door', which was featured in the James Franco film, 'The Color of Time' , evokes that forlorn feeling given to us by the finest of poetry.  And this is a good thing, as we seem to be living in a time when, just possibly, only the poets can save us now, from ourselves, by reminding us about our 'better' selves.

You can get a peek at his latest material by listening to the single, 'Anytime I'm Feelin', from his latest EP.  The single features one of my personal heroes, Andy Rourke from the Smiths.

Enjoy the photos from his show at the Sotheby's gallery in NYC this summer.  The interview will be up soon...

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Carolyn Lederach

Philadelphia, PA