Milan to Minsk // Live in NYC

PHOTOS AND WORDS BY: Claudia @ Jareth's Girl Music

Milan to Minsk release and EP on bandcamp last month, and I was able to catch up with the members of the band as they kicked off their tour with a show in NYC's LES.  

The self-described pop-art/pop-indie/pop-yacht band hails from Brooklyn, and the members have diverse musical influences - ranging from jazz, to worldbeat, to indie-pop.

Their sound is distinctly their own and though lightly peppered with influences of dream-pop, their live sets are energetic and engaging.  With enough distortion in their vocals and guitars, Milan to Minsk manages to navigate a slightly gritty edge, albeit done over beautiful melodies.

The lead singer, Mr. Daniel Rote, comments through-out the full set, encouraging the audience to remember the ephemeral importance of each moment: "Remember that this moment is unique, and it will never come again," he says before diving full-heartedly into a song in the set called  'Exercises in Public Transport Planning.'  

Our interview with Milan to Minsk is coming up soon!

Milan to Minsk are: Daniel Rote - guitars / lead vocals | Cody Rowland - trumpet / keys / backing vocals | Ran Livneh - bass | Uri Zelig - drums / backing vocals

Be sure to catch Milan to Minsk EP release party on 02/23 @ Mercury Lounge

Carolyn Lederach

Philadelphia, PA