Yak // Live in NYC

PHOTOS AND WORDS BY: Claudia Innes @ Jareth's Girl Music

Yak - I haven't been this excited about a band since I heard my first Nirvana album.  Big words, I know, but this band has that certain 'x' factor.  It's never really fun to compare bands to other bands, but if I may, this time: here is a band that has the edge of Nirvana and the swagger of the Rolling Stones. Yup. And enough of their own identify comes through to make me really curious as to what their musical evolution will entail.  

Make sure to check out their music and go see them live - it's insane!  Their album is available HERE.  In the meantime check out the new video for "Smile/Distortion":

Yak were joined on stage by Australian band Gold Class and by Bambara who hail from Brooklyn.

Carolyn Lederach

Philadelphia, PA