Tom Odell // Live in NYC




It’s been a long way since Tom Odell’s smash of a debut album ‘Long Way Down’ – two years to be exact.  This year is already proving to be huge for Tom, with the release of his new hit single ‘Wrong Crowd’, and his highly anticipated sophomore album of the same name, coming June 10th via Columbia Records (UK)/RCA Records (US).

Fresh off the heels of a sold out mini-tour throughout the UK and Europe, Tom brought the Wrong Crowd to the U.S. last week, for two sold out shows – one at Music Hall of Williamsburg in NYC, and the Masonic Lodge in L.A.

The east coast show, originally meant to be at Mercury Lounge in NYC, was moved across the East river and in to Brooklyn due to high demand in tickets.

Tom’s return to the city that doesn’t sleep was nothing less than triumphant.  The stage was decorated with a dramatic red velvet curtain backdrop, and adorned with multiple microphones and instruments, foreshadowing that he was having a larger band accompanying him this time around. We were correct to assume that. Joining Tom on the stage is Andy Burrows, Max Clilverd, Max Goff, Annabel Spooner and Luke Marc Hughes – better known as the Wrong Crowd Band.

The live show for this album is like nothing else Tom Odell has done before. An artist, once glued to the keys of his piano for the entirety of his set, has seemingly grown much more comfortable on stage. The energy of the room was buzzing, but the energy on stage was electric, as Tom would take a break from the piano to strut the stage whilst dancing and singing with his band mates.

The set included many songs from the new album, including the ballads ‘Constellations’, ‘Jealousy’ and the heartbreaker of a tune ‘Somehow’. The crooner also gave a larger than life performance of ‘Wrong Crowd’ and ‘Magentised’. Odell didn’t forget about the hit that got him where he is today, performing an intense rendition of Another Love that left the crowd speechless.

Tom Odell is not the same artist that he once was, with his 2013 album ‘Long Way Down’.  While themes of love and loss have stayed pretty consistent in his music throughout his short but successful career, he has reemerged back into the spotlight with a more mature sound, a more confident stage presence, and songs that have the ability to break your heart and mend it simultaneously.

While the patience of his fan-base (clocking in at just over half a million people) was wearing thin after his near 3-year hiatus, Tom Odell is back and Wrong Crowd is proving to have definitely been worth the wait.