George Clinton & Parliament Funkadelic // Live in NYC

PHOTOS AND WORDS BY: Claudia Innes @ Jareth's Girl Music

A little throw-back piece to a live session on February 9th, because 2016 has been a year were many of our musical greats have passed on, and we should be grateful and honor the ones that are still with us.

The collective, that is George Clinton and Parliament Funkadelic, played a 3+ hour show at BB Kings Blues Club and Grill in Manhattan.  George Clinton is a living legend and you should know about him, but if you don't what follows is a very brief description ( which doesn't even come close to doing him justice ), and my interpretation of the show.

George Clinton has been experimenting with music since the 1950's and pioneered the American Funk sound.  He still draws crowds of all ages, and that night the house was packed solid, and so was the stage for that matter.  George Clinton and Parliament Funkadelic (GCPF) is a first-and-fore-most an artistic collective, which graces the stage with various talented musicians and singers, which have rotated in-and-out of the band throughout the years.  

The dynamic collective even includes a non-singer, non-musician member of the band called Sir Nose, who some have suggested operates like an alter-ego to Mr. George Clinton himself.  That night Sir Nose seemed to be function in the role of something akin to a jester in an Akira Kurosawa's Ran film -- a character there to remind us not to take ourselves or life so seriously. Respect it? Yes.  Be dedicated? Of course.  But remember to be playful and sincere in the process. 

I have tasted the maggots of the Universe and I was not offended, for I knew I had to rise above it all, or drown ...

GCPF is now on tour.  Go get your funk on!   Website | Facebook | Twitter | YouTube

Carolyn Lederach

Philadelphia, PA