Sigur Ros // Live in St. Louis



Icelandic post-rock band Sigur Ros performed in St Louis on June the 5th to a nearly sold out crowd.  The Peabody Opera House is a beautiful historic theater in downtown St Louis and provided the perfect atmosphere for Sigur Ros's ethereal sound.  The concert was divided into two one hour sets, allowing the band to perform a variety songs from their vast catalog, as well as some new songs, with a short intermission between to break up the sets. The lighting throughout the concert was absolutely stunning, with the entire stage being rigged with an enormous lighting display that constantly changed to reflect the mood of each song.  The first set contained softer and more ambient lighting to accompany some of their more mellow songs.  The crowd was witness to a bit of a heavier and more rock-based set after the intermission, with the lighting changing to a more bold and colorful atmosphere.  Throughout the set Jonsi performed with his signature bowed guitar, with him and his fellow band members pouring their hearts and souls into each song.  Jonsi, especially, is such a passionate performer.  You can see his emotion and passion as he performs every song, holding nothing back.  The crowd was riveted for the entire two hours, with hardly a single cell phone in sight or whisper heard, hanging on every note that was played and word that was sung.  Sigur Ros is the kind of band that demands your full attention with their powerful and emotional music. Although Jonsi sings only in Icelandic or his invented language of Hopelandic, you don't need to know the words he is singing in order to feel the essence and emotion of each song.  It was a really incredible night of incredible music.  

Carolyn Lederach

Philadelphia, PA