Eagles of Death Metal // Live in Louisville

Eagles of Death Metal



Eagles Of Death Metal took the stage at Mercury Ballroom recently to a nearly sold out crowd of eager and enthusiastic fans.  Although Josh Homme was unable to join the band for this show, Jesse Hughes and the rest of the band gave their fans a fun show.  It was like a party from the beginning to the end of their set.  From vertically played guitars and basses to microphones thrown in the air and caught, the band was having lots of fun on stage interacting with each other, as well as with the crowd, walking to the edge of the stage to perform directly to their fans often throughout the set.   Jesse, on multiple occasions, mentioned that Louisville was the best crowd they'd had on tour, as well as how much he loved being a musician and performing for his fans.  He told the crowd that he never wanted to stop playing music, that it was what he was born to do!  Towards the end of the set, Jesse brought a young boy on stage who had made him a red cape, giving the boy a hug, thanking him for the gift and allowing him and his mom to watch the rest of the show from the back of the stage.  After the last song was played, the entire band and some of their crew all gathered in a row on stage and took a bow.  It was a really special ending to a really great evening.  Eagles Of Death Metal always show their fans a good time.