New Found Glory // Live in Louisville

New Found Glory



Iconic pop punk band New Found Glory brought their 20 Years Of Pop Punk Tour to Louisville, Ky recently to a nearly sold out crowd of diehard fans.  Although this tour began in the Spring, it was such a success and was in such high demand, that the band extended it to the Summer and Fall.  For this tour, the band plays two full albums each night from their vast catalog of albums, performing 'Sticks and Stones' and 'Not Without A Fight' in their entirety for the Louisville show.  They also played a couple of songs from their most recent album, 'Makes Me Sick'. Guitarist Chad Gilbert is from Lexington, Ky, and had family in attendance, making the night even more special.  From the first note that was played, the band gave an incredibly fun and energetic performance.  Singer Jordan Pundik was back and forth across the stage all night, jumping and dancing, giving ample attention to the entire crowd.  Pundik and Gilbert were incredibly interactive with their fans the entire night. On several occasions during the show, Pundik stood right at the edge of the stage, reaching his mic across the barricade to allow a fan a brief sing along, and towards the end of the show, Gilbert climbed into the crowd to sing amongst their fans.  The band ended their set with their hit "My Friends Over You", in which the crowd went wild.  It was one of the moments where the crowd was singing so loudly that you could barely distinguish between the band's and the crowd's singing.  Confetti cannons had been set up before the show, and towards the end of the final song, they went off, blowing bits of confetti throughout the crowd.  It was a really fun way to end an incredible evening and celebrate 20 years of such an iconic and influential band!