A few questions... The Sea Atlas

Recently, we’ve had a chat with Calum from The Sea Atlas, a newish two peice from the Isle of Lewis. Their music is top notch and we’re really glad to have “run” into them on these interwebs. Keep a look out for our review of their music soon.


What are your top records this year?
my top records of the year would have to be, haunted bird by iain morrison and david martin, or the new Bon iver album, I love both of these albums because I have actually never heard anything like them before with the haunted bird one having spoken word over music as well as singing and the bon iver one just have such a sonically big sound! But then there’s Kassidy “Hope Street” and that album is just full of classics, then there is the new laura marling record.  Those are the four that come to mind when i think about albums this year…oh wait, Nathaniel Rateliff “in memory of loss” is another awesome CD.

Who would we be surprised is on your Spotify/iTunes playlist?
probably the amount of heavy metal I have on my ipod, bands like Trivium, bring me the horizon, lamb of god, megadeth and deicide to name just a few of my guilty pleasures…But then i do have DJ fresh but lets not go into that.

What does music mean to you?
I’m not sure I don’t really want to say the cliché and say “it means everything if i dont have music i may die!” but music is something that I love and I am greatful that i picked up an instrument otherwise I may never of had this much fun or met so many awesome people!!

What is your favourite food? Drink?
hmmmmm, either a really hot curry with a magners or a pepperoni pizza or fajitas any of those would go down a treat and my favourite drink is Irn Bru.

What is your current favourite song?
I have a few favourites at the moment "the greatest painter of night" by iain morrison and david martin, "susie" by mumford and sons off of the wedding band EP and "I was broken" by marcus foster, I could listen to those three song on repeat for hours and not get bored!

What can we expect from you this year?
Hopefully the EP should be out before the end of the year or very early next year, just need to get artwork sorted out then print it to a few CDs and then someone might buy it! And when that’s all done there will be an EP launch where we get a bunch of other bands and just make a party of it with loads of music and stuff like that. But until then I plan to write more songs to build up the set list.  But I move away to Aberdeen soon for uni, so I’m going to try play there as well and try get some “contacts”.  So at the moment it’s not very well planned but when I think about it this project is just at the beginning with our first gig only two months ago, so we’ll see how things go… but make sure the keep an eye out for us in the near future.

What is the last film you’ve seen?
The last film I seen was “Burke and Hare”, don’t think I have laughed so much in a long time, great film!

She Hides In The Wind by TheSeaAtlas

What is your favourite book?
Probably “The Hobbit” can’t wait for that to come out in the cinema, I have probably read that book 6 times.  But i also love books by Clive Cussler, think I have read all of them now, but I do enjoy reading, i try to read at least an hour every night, but i decided I would start reading some Shakespeare in the hope I might learn something in the way to form words for lyrics, it’s weird because I hated it in school because i was told to look for certain meanings in it, but now I can just choose what I think it means, and there is no essay to do when I finish…

And… what is one thing about you that we’d all be surprised to know?
I’m not sure… This is the first interview I have ever done involving my music… or that this band/project/musical endeavour only started seriously in june this year, but I had been writing with the idea of playing this style of music for about a year before I played any gigs with it, which did help me work out, in a way, how to do things…

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