A few questions... with Tom Williams from Tom Williams & the Boat


Earlier this year, the immensely talented Tom Williams (& the Boat) released their first record. I caught wind of it about a month after it was released and was hooked in a quick moment with the blend of styles and sounds that I found within the record. ‘Too Slow’ has quickly jumped into my top five records of 2011, and has steadily remained there. We recently had a chat with Tom and he answered a few questions for us, which you can read below. Tom & the Boat are working on new tracks for their next record, alongside their busy summer festival touring calendar.

What are your top records this year?
I love the Bon Iver record, the new Arctic Monkeys, the new Tom Vek, the new Kills, King of Limbs, also can’t wait for the new Girls, Baxter Dury and Gross Magic records!

Who would we be surprised is on your Spotify/iTunes playlist?
Bonnie Raitt, INXS, and Prince? Depending on how easily surprised you are! :)

What does music mean to you?
I think it’s one of the only things I believe in, apart from a small group of friends and family…What is your favourite food? Drink?
Home cooked roast chicken and good draught kentish ale!

What is your current favourite song?
Well it changes by the day but at the moment it’s either Sweetest Touch by Gros Magic or Future Starts Slow by The Kills…What can we expect from you this year?
We’re recording a new album this summer so maybe the odd new track?

What is the last film you’ve seen?
Harry Potter…not ashamed!!What is your favourite book?
Boringly, On The Road by Kerouac.

And… what is one thing about you that we’d all be surprised to know?
My guitars are called Sheryl & Mary, I cut my own hair and I have a basset hound called Flossy…

Have a listen to an interview that Tom had with Tom Robinson on BBC6 Music this past week.


Get a free download for ‘See My Evil’ below:

You can find Tom Williams & the Boat on their site, Facebook, twitter, Spotify and YouTube.
Also, visit Tom’s artist site, we think you’ll enjoy it as well. xx