An Interview with Anna Vincent from My Tiger My Timing

Anna Vincent of My Tiger My Timing is well known for producing jangly, melodic riffs, certainly classic summer music by definition. Yet the contrasting rain of a British spring at our London rendezvous seems a world away from the rhythm and sonics their debut sounds produce.                                                                                                                                                               Being one of five, Anna, (and her brother James,) seem to be the driving force behind the bands current success. Having helped craft the bands own label, Snakes & Ladders during the start up of what was soon to be My Tiger My Timing.

“The bands were doing things that weren’t focused enough and the sonic ideas weren’t really too well thought out” Anna starts. “We wanted to be more direct with the sound, more rhythmic, totally focused on the melody and have a more direct concept and vision.” Their sound has clearly matured and developed over the past four years, and the forthcoming album brings all these ideas into a sharpened spectrum that does indeed provide a unique, special sound.          

The debut album, ‘Celeste’, has been produced by Anna herself who seems to have a mediocre attitude to her work, being her first album it has been an interesting learning curve; suffice to say there is no need for her doubt. “With this album I’ve produced it, mixed it and it’s been quite a big job. It’s quite scary too as there is alot of learning as you go, lots of trial and error. Its been tough tho and I’ve learnt alot, in a good and bad way”                                                                          

As she shyly chuckles Anna’s confidence seems to grow. Everything about their work has been chosen and precisely placed, with layers and tones built up producing swirls and jangles aplenty, perfectly classed as “classic British pop music with a dark undertone” as Anna herself describes it. They have a history of experimenting with sounds, creating a new dimension giving them the confidence to be edgy and building a vast tension though their tracks. The 10 track album has been written around a scaffolding built up by Anna herself. After her initial overworked doubts she seems confident with the final mastered product.

“I was worried I wasn’t going to like it, I’ve been sitting almost every day doing the production, and I was really worried that I was going to hate it. I was almost too scared to listen to after it had been mastered, and when I put it on I thought, this is really good!”

Observing over the likes of Talking Heads, Blur and Pulp and friends with cult indie classic bands such as Django Django and Warpaint you can clearly see where their influences lie, Anna emphasises the love for clut British bands with a drive to “be in this tradition”. The band has a huge sonic palette to draw from, producing an impressive bank of songs. I put to Anna what is going to happen to anything that doesn’t make the final cut.

“I love that thing of people do, just doing a little EP, not even for sale. For me it’s about people hearing it, I don’t expect to make money for it. It’s just about the music for us. I’m never going to stop doing it!”

The group has a strong love for live performances. The night before the interview My Tiger My Timing played to a packed Barfly serenading them on a small European tour the following day. “As we haven’t played in a while we were really nervous last night, but it went really well…..its abit like riding a bike, you have to believe in it and hope you don’t fall off”.

The group were lucky to play Glastonbury in 2011 after coming runner up in the Emerging Talent Competition, launching them into the limelight on the John Peel stage - which could only have been a special moment for the youthful gang. “Well we were at Glasto last year, I was so pleased getting to play the John Peel Stage, it’s my favourite stage. It’s the place for all the up and coming bands to play, and bands that have just hit it.”

Finally, I put to Anna how they are coping with releasing a major album. The band appears to be very down to earth and that’s perhaps one of their appeals, so with so much to be done it can get very overwhelming.

“Its busy, and there’s alot of people to talk to and things to be doing. I love it, for me the more busy the better, and because we run the label we get to meet everyone at shows and that. I love meeting people that love the band, it means im doing my job and getting it right”


Their debut album Celeste is out in early June.

Twitter: @mytigermytiming 

- Matthew French