Black Circles

Black Circles

London rockers Black Circles have become known locally for their aggressive, lashing guitar sound, reminiscent of early Foo Fighters.

I discovered the band initially over the summer at Great Escape in Brighton, where they were thrashing out music on one of the smaller stages. There’s something very infectious about Black Circles sound and an array of kids with dyed black hair were bouncing around and forming odd little mosh-pits.


These big riffs and wailing vocals have created a big-sound that the band are quickly becoming recognised for. Their last release in 2011 was a track called ‘Little Girl’ which grabbed the ears of BBC 6Music and the band are now offering their latest track ‘Escape’ as a follow-up. 

It’s another wailing track, best appreciated with the speakers turned up - and features a rather bizarre video with a squirrel producer. The puppet squirrel seemingly produces the bands new track and even find time to do the moon-walk on the mixing desk.

No doubt the three-piece will this year be looking to build on the momentum of 2011 with another summer of festival appearances and new single releases!