Boss Caine

Songwriter Daniel Lucas creates songs under the alias of Boss Caine (sometimes it’s a three-piece band, and sometimes it’s just one dude), but Lucas is its primary creative force. At his best, this artist tells thought-provoking stories about his past and experiences that we can all relate to with only the aid of his guitar, an honest smile and a good dose of seriously heartfelt passion.


Lucas has been gifted a Tom Waits-style hypnotic-yet-gruff-as-hell vocal tone that seamlessly crafts alt-indie songs to trash your heart to, and then instantly put it right back together again - a real-life bearded Humpty Dumpty man. Inspired by classic artists like Cash and Cohen via The Replacements, this sound is completely intense, driven and beautiful all at the same time.

Sonically, Boss Caine creates innovative and soulful Americana and Bluegrass tracks; the last album ‘The Ship That Sailed’ (released in 2010) is littered with many total gems; ‘Santiago’, ‘Man Overboard’ and ‘Sha La La’ are instantly catchy and well-delivered, featuring light guitar strums and drawn out blissful harmonica parts – simply, this stuff is the perfect soundtrack for friendly booze-fuelled late summer nights or, on the flip-side, your next great troubled romance.

For more information visit the official Boss Caine Facebook page.