In The Valley Below // The Belt [album review]

In The Valley Below are well on their way to being full blown vogue internationally. Signed with 7 labels throughout the world, fame will come soon enough. Jeffrey Jacob (guitar and vocals) and Angela Gail (vocals) released their debut album The Belt with Joshua Clair (drums) in 2013. Below’s catchiest tune (and most famous) is known as Peaches, a synthesized 80’s influenced alternative pop ballad. Peaches has received a broad spectrum of exposure where other songs on The Belt have been curiously labelled not-so-impressive. Stand-up is a darker view of their synthesized sound, escaping a ballad and dabbling in a Joan Jett hardness without the hard crack of rock’ roll. Neverminder’s is a repetitive and similarly catchy tune when compared to Peaches, but exclaims self expression and freedom. There is solidarity in The Belt as a whole, it’s dreamy, upbeat, invokes longing, but shows strength. The Belt, as In The Valley Below’s debut album is nothing short of a success. 

Words by: Emma Jones