Cut Out Shapes


Leeds-based progressive indie act Cut Out Shapes are doing very well for themselves. They’ve been working so darn hard to carve out a reputations for themselves on the national circuit, and things are picking up in 2012. Take ‘Never Change’ for example – it’s got overwhelming and rich pop undertones that contrast with raw indie tones that will have people likening them to some seriously top musical calibre; check your Placebo, your Depeche Mode and of course… yeah, Magazine as well (if you’re a music fan, and you haven’t got the name reference… for shame, but we’ll forgive you, just this once).

Why should you pay attention to this developing act. Well, err, just trust us. There’s real potential here and there’s no better track to showcase this potential, and the band’s intense and overwhelming desire to succeed than ‘Sea Of Tranquillity’ which draws as much from Foo Fighters and The Strokes as it does from the aforementioned; intense, evocative and driving – all the perfect ingredients to an awesome rock track. We think you’ll agree? 

Need more convincing? Check the band out at the following link:

- TO