Daughters of Davis

Do you know what I miss about modern day rock stars, pop stars, Brit School graduates, talent show drama kings and queens? It’s the whole spontaneity, it’s the whole ‘let’s go rock up at a random pub and play to a bunch of drunks who may throw peanuts at us’. Some how in the food chain of notoriety and success, the bugs and tiny animals get put on pedestals before even proving how hungry they are. 

Ok so no one wants to be compared to a gnat but I’ve found a couple of mites who are every bit the chain climbers. Daughters of Davis came to my attention when a friend who had gone to his local acoustic night at a tiny pub in a pretty small town. As the acts became in-applaudable as well as inaudible these two young hip things rocked up in their VW camper, apparently ringing ahead to the pub (after Googling local acoustic nights) for a slot. They didn’t need to as they were already on a scheduled tour of their own. 

Adrienne and Fern Davis swept in like a breath of fresh air, with their soulful folky blues vibe. Full of enthusiastic sparkle the kind Simon Cowell wishes could be bottled up and sell to unwitting desperados. Their music is intrinsic and enticing, there’s nothing complex about the lyrics or the way it’s out together, it’s simply stunning with a raw talent criss-crossing, zig-zagging it’s way through.

The girl’s self titled debut album has been out for a few months and is really worth an investment, especially if you believe in hard work, graft and sheer talent. 

Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/daughtersofdavis

-Tim Osbourne