Deadhorse create honest and beautiful post-rock that will send shivers down your spine and inspire you on the darkest of days or the brightest of summer evenings. Standout track ‘No Particular Night Or Morning’ (taken from 2010’s ‘We Can Create Our Own World’) packs in a sky-rocketing intensity that takes influence from Muse, 65daysofstatic and everything else in between.


One can immediately hear through each track that this lot craft, the love and absolute unbridled energy that has been packed tightly in to the music; strained piano lines, touching violin moments and hard-edged rock drums pummel and soothe in equal measure.

While some of the band’s numbers are much darker (see the delightfully titled ‘Dreaming In The Face Of Disaster’ [from the aforementioned record]), there is a never a time when musicianship takes second place to imagery or a desire to please fans of certain styles; this stuff is free from restraint and is created by the artist for the artist - it is their passion that clearly translates so well to the audience. This is good music in its purest and most progressive form; vibrant, challenging and quite frankly, brilliant in the way that it is recorded and delivered.

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- Tim Osbourne