Deap Vally

Sometimes life plays out like a kooky sitcom episode, and this can definitely be said about the forming of Deap Vally. This gritty blues-rock duo from the San Fernando Valley met in a needlework class and bonded over their love of blues music. However when you listen to their music, it would make more sense if Lindsey Troy (voice, guitar) and Julie Edwards (drums) met in some dive bar or even a motorcycle gang.


Deap Vally’s music is a return to the simplest form of blues, which is a focus on beat, melody, and meaning. The music is raw and authentic, while hinting at the great acts in rock history, like Led Zeppelin and Janis Joplin.

Deap Valley have released debut single “Gonna Make My Own Money” and it is a great first impression. Troy’s voice howls throughout the single, marking a sense of urgency and authority. The combination of Troy’s guitar and Edward’s drums are reminiscent of early The Black Keys, but meaner.

Deap Vally is returning to the UK this summer, including their debut London show. Lindsey Troy and Julie Edwards are everything that you want in a all girl blues-rock band, and their live shows are infamous.

Deap Vally Live:
25th August, LEEDS FESTIVAL 

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