UK alt-pop artist FOE seems to have perfected the art of amalgamating dark and delicious dream-pop with powerful electronic rock energy. Indeed, the passion, and fight embedded deep within FOE’s sound makes it truly unique and current – there’s something about girls with clown-esque make-up on playing instruments that screams creativity, and this is creativity at its most entertaining and innovative.


With a collection of well-received work already behind her, and an album entitled ‘Bad Dream Hotline’ just released to major acclaim, FOE (aka Hannah Louise Clarke) is in an enviable position having been picked up by Vertigo Records (a division of Universal Music) and she has some favourable tour reviews circulating around online too. Nifty.

There’s a lot more to this girl than face paint and big dirty rockin’ beats people. This is not a simple recommendation; it’s thoroughly important that you check this girl out and make space for her as one of your faves. Believe the hype that’ll grab you after one single listen to lead single ‘Deep Water Heartbreaker’ - there’s no female artist in the UK that is doing something more risky, and more exciting with her music right now. Stick that in your ears and err… listen.

For more information visit the official FOE website:

-Tim Osbourne