Fox North Coalition

North Yorkshire’s own blues-rock standouts Fox North Coalition have been working hard to develop their sound over the last few months. Having released their refreshing début ‘A Block For The Wigs’ last year which sees them seamlessly fusing Tom Waits-esque moody melodies with the energy of roots music and a relentless drive.


Indeed, it is this focused and intense vision that has taken core members Tim Fox and Vin North toward much success in the past with previous outfits, including the nationally-acclaimed Hijack Oscar (who achieved fame as part of Channel 4’s Orange Unsigned Competition a few years back). 

There’s a grit and vigour about Fox North Coalition that is surely capable of bringing them out of the fading Hijack shadow and this band’s approach to performing (which is pretty much: “play as often as possible”), is set to make them popular throughout the country when they begin touring on a regular basis.


The defining (in our ears) track from the first record is ‘Pleading For Sympathy’ and it should push all of the right buttons for you; North’s intelligent guitar lines clash nicely with Fox’s raw and powerful vocals to create something genuinely special and thoroughly exciting. Take note and get over to a show.

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