Givers - New Video for 'Ceiling of Plankton'

Givers are back this summer with a new single “Ceiling of Plankton” hoping to repeat the success of their first single, “Up Up Up” off the same album. This Afro-pop quintet‘s music is so much fun that you just can’t help to bounce along. 


A chance encounter in 2005 coupled with a natural disaster set the creation of Givers into motion. Taylor Guarisco (singer & guitarist) and Tiffany Lamson (singer, ukulele & percussionist), met at the University of New Orleans and were the catalyst in the formation with Kirby Campbell (drums, programming & vocals), Nick Stephan (keyboards & flute) and Josh LeBlanc (bass guitar) joining shortly after. There are two elements that are distinctly unique to Givers: their sound and their positivity. 

They are often sonically compared to Vampire Weekend, but Givers are uniquely their own. The background of Givers is present in their music, from smart lyrics to musical elements that hint to zydeco sounds of past bands. Focuses on percussion as well as chant-like lyrics drive their songs. With each song, they have captured any eclectic sound that makes you want to dance or at the very least bob your head. 

The one visceral takeaway from every single, the entire album (In Light), and the live performances is the undeniable positivity of Givers. They sound like they are a band of warm, kind people, who just want to make you happy and they accomplish it. Givers want to share the same pleasure that they have playing and creating these songs with the audience. 

To accompany the new single of “Ceiling of Plankton”, Givers have released a music video as well. After a stint of playing music festivals, Givers are going to be playing a few festivals in the UK this summer (tour dates are below). There might be nothing more perfect on a summer day than a Givers set. 

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