Philidephia-raised orchestral pop band, Grandchildren, have fused a sound which grabs listeners by the ears and presents a non-genre-specific sound that breaks many of the rules of music that you thought existed.

The first track from the 6-piece’s album, called Everlasting, features long instrumentals with some acoustic/indie sounds being played over what sounds like someone playing a speed-garage beat on a set of dustbins.

This theme continues throughout the album with blissful melodies and slow vocal harmonies being mixed with a racing, pulsating and often electronic backing. It makes for a strange convergence of sounds not dissimilar to Fleet Foxes with David Bowie-infused vocals. The vocals are as odd and sporadic as the instrumentals though - non-linear and often sounding like a senseless afterthought in each track.

But it’s a winning sound that fits perfectly into the several different indie sub-genres. Interestingly though the group are yet to achieve the commercial success and recognition that similar outfits have enjoyed; such as Yeaysayer, Band of Horses or Animal Collective for example. Their album is out now on iTunes though and a number of acoustic performances can be seen on the band’s YouTube channel.

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