Hugo Meredith-Hardy - Gamble with the Upper Hand

I want more from Hugo Meredith-Hardy, a Cambridge singer-songwriter who is about to release his EP, “Gamble with the Upper Hand. Stepping away from covers, this eighteen year old has created a mature work that it is all his. In only six tracks, Meredith-Hardy forces us pay attention. 

“Gamble with the Upper Hand,” is an experiment in storytelling, and this is where Meredith-Hardy shines with clear scenes and strong characters. Scenes are contained in each song so vivid you can close your eyes and see them play before you. In the song “This Mist”, we can see a young man go insane, underscored by a consistently somewhat dark guitar riff and Meredith-Hardy’s sporadic use of lyrics quickly tumbling out of his throat. Despite sounding upbeat, these songs are about characters that are lost in their situations and looking for an escape. Who hasn’t felt that before? 


It is easy to see from “Gamble with the Upper Hand” why Hugo Meredith-Hardy is playing support for acts like Monument Valley and Pete Roe. He will be a nice surprise for any audience, who will bob their heads as soon as he starts strumming. “Gamble with the Upper Hand” will be released on June 1st, get it. 

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-Jean Rebarchak