Introducing... A Fire with Friends

Whoever said three is a crowd didn’t know a thing about A Fire with Friends. This
crew boasting seven members creates genuinely unique harmony, with strong
contributions from each and every one— no slackers! Though the band has their
roots set in Scranton, PA, they are on a mission to share their musical gift with the
world. Fresh off tour promoting their new EP, Like Giants Sleeping in Basements, the
band is quickly progressing and only on their second album! AFWF pulls inspiration
from indie fan favorites like Arcade Fire and Radiohead as well as influences from
greats like Bob Dylan and the Beatles. By moving a bit outside the straight indie
theme, AFWF draws the best out of different genres for emotionally stimulating mix
of pain and pleasure. The relatable and beautifully portrayed issues throughout the
tracks are sure to draw appreciation from all.

The newly released seven song EP is easy to get hooked on. Some of the songs on the
album definitely hit harder and more intensely, mixed in with the creation of soft
hypnotizing lyrics. My favorite songs were Electric Chair Blues and Sarah. Sarah has
a very funky tone to start mixing with a little classic rock feel—I listened to it over
and over again after initially discovering it on the EP! It definitely is a new sound,
which makes it unique! Back to Sleep seemed eerily to start in the way a Bon Iver
tune might, continuing with a laid back, calm vibe throughout. It is evident that
there are many influences on this album that the keen music ear might possibly
notice; yet do not exactly mirror those other artists.

Beyond their music, I loved the band’s overall vibe. Everything related to them has
a very down to earth vibe; being able to relate and feel on the same level creates a
depth AFWF is definitely worth checking out, don’t just stop at their new EP, give
their other material a listen, you won’t be disappointed.

-Welcome Jennifer to the rarebit family! x