Introducing..... Echo Lake

Introducing……Echo Lake

Well heres another one of my instalments for rarebit, introducing you to some of the bands that are starting to break out into the open. I have had some great suggestions this week and this was perhaps one of the best. They are called Echo Lake, and managed to feature as The Guardian band of the day No 1,068 and it is great to write another feature about them. There are essentially a London based 5 piece yet there are two characters that step out into the lime light, Thom Hill on guitar and the equally talented Linda Jarvis on vocals.


They produced mainly phsyedelic pop with some R&B rhythms thrown in for good measure and certainly have a great number of free downloads to choose from on Sound Cloud, so looking at some of them we get a real good flavour of Echo Lake’s great sound.  ‘Another day’ it has a cloudy chant by Jarvis that later turns into a cry over a cheery, clean guitar riff all this produces a great full bodied track.  ‘Sunday Evening’ see’s a cloudy guitar intro that gets awaken by a drum beat and a chorus of guitars and synths we are then bathed in dreamy vocals and an angelic ringing that ebbs and flows like smoke. ‘Sunday Evening’ is certainly one of the best Echo Lake tracks and a must listen. Echo Lake have a great range elements from outstanding vocals, to ringing chants of guitars, drums and vibraphones that produces a cacophony of dreamy phsyedelic music.

Sunday Evening by Echo Lake

They are certainly capable of breaking into the charts and there is certainly plenty to go out and buy and listen too. To simply put it we have a more pop’y sounding I Break Horses, they have a huge amount of talent and creativity and not afraid to put their ideas down. Certainly a group to keep your eye on.


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