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Hello all, this is the second week of my section on rarebit introducing you to some of the up and coming indie artists. Trying to find really good new music and artists can be hard and easy all the same but this artist have been on my radar for a number of months but with less than 2 weeks to their debut album I think it’s time to start talking about them.

I Break Horses are signed to the great guys at Bella Union, who take care of the likes of Fleet Foxes, The kissaway Trail and Vetiver to name but a few. I Break Horses, is the product of the Swedish Maria Lindén with assistance from  Fredrik Balck, and their nine track  album ‘Hearts’ is should be out on the 22nd of August here in the UK.


There seems to have been a number of attempts at producing an album, it has been commented that “Songs were written, committed to tape, destroyed” so finally getting the work down seems to have been a long time coming. The single ‘Hearts’ was released a number of weeks ago in preparation for the forthcoming album and is available for free download. You get a very strong feel of Lindén’s Swedish background with ‘Hearts’. It has a sharp pulsating, wish washy theme that sounds like a misty desolate landscape coming back to life. Lindén’s Scandinavian whispering cry echos through the cloudy track that encompasses simple drum beats, guitars, synths and sounds that have been beautiful executed and well put together, the song is a one of sheer beauty and a mesmerizing psychedelic experience. I Break Horses brings out  great emotion to the listener, although the Track ‘Hearts’ is a somber, moving track it is one that still makes you thankful that you have had the pleasure of hearing it. Lindén can search out and find what makes the listener tick and can most certainly touch you deeply with her music.

A quick search of SoundCloud can find some great, warming tracks that are full of potential, passion and just shear creative brilliance. With the bar set high, the album ‘Hearts’ could be something of sheer beauty and a great debut album that will make I Break Horses something you glad you have heard. I will endeavor to keep you updated and will hopefully bring you a review of the album.

I Break Horses - Hearts by Bella Union

As the guys at Bella Union put it “Welcome to the most bewitching debut of the year”.

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