Invaders really do make one excellent racket – somewhere between the soulful crooning of Placebo or fellow Aussie natives Silverchair and the harder-edged rock crunch of say… Nine Inch Nails, the four-piece (who now call London home after moving to the UK recently) have hit it big with their début EP ‘Hummingbird’. This record houses some absolutely breath-taking crossover tracks like the title offering – this is a song that gives off some almighty upbeat and heard-hitting vibes complete with lashings of proper electronic goodness and raging stadium-ready guitar work. Nice.


There is clearly so much potential here, and along with emerging bands like the Gary Numan-touted Yorkshire outfit Officers and Rob Holliday’s Sulpher, we believe that Invaders are the new saviours of electronic rock music and industrial sounds in 2012. Trent Reznor and Nine Inch Nails, this is what you’ve inspired – be very, very proud.

One particularly fine, and wholly intriguing moment on ‘Hummingbird’ is second track ‘Vapour’ which attacks with some excellent lyrics and truly skyscraping sonic moments – this one will be the band’s anthem one day soon, mark our words. There’s definitely a strength a diversity within this material that deserves your complete attention. If you like a band to push your aural limits, then you’ll definitely get a fix with the Invaders’ sound.

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