As a key player in the Oxford music scene, that has seen the likes of Young Knives and Foals emerge, Jonquil have just added a third album to their growing repertoire. A Point Of Go brings back all the familiar level of dreamy layers, Oxford style guitar riffs and hazy vocals we are used to with the quartet. With the addition of trumpet puffs from Sam Scott giving a cloudy balance, Hugo Manuel (also working under the name Chad Valley) harmonizes us through attentive high orbit vocals, swirling setting guitars and precision synths with an end product seeming more “popier” and hinting more in a Vampire Weekend-style direction than we have previously known. 

The album see’s the experimental side of the band refined with the centrepiece of the album being “Point Of Go 1” and 2, with 1 having an atmospheric, cloudy riffs and 2 continuing more exotic synths trade mark of the four. The album climaxes on the balletic  ‘A history of headaches’ with a whirlpool of guitars, synths and drum’s to end showing Manuel’s American influences and great attention to detail. The album does however lack distinction, although Jonquil are making headway the album is worth a listen and leaves you feeling thoughtful and invigorated yet yearning for more.

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-Matthew French