Karin Park

Blessed with vibrant Sinead (O’Connor)-style and sultry Robyn-esque vocals (albeit KP sounds ten times cooler… what? It’s true?), Swedish-born singer Karin Park is a dark-pop mastermind. Her sound will haunt and enthral you. No doubt.


Working out of London a lot nowadays, Karin has just announced dates with industrial music legend Gary Numan, and we can see why the godfather of gloom digs this sound. There’s a charming darkness about KP’s sound that will tickle the respective fancies of both indie and electro lovers; this is music to have hard sex to, it is music to dance to, and music to believe in.

It’s nice too, because through all of the success Karin has experienced already on an international level, she has been performing live with her brother David Park since 2004 – it’s a good ‘ol fashioned family affair. As stated, her music is simultaneously gloomyand spine-tinglingley exciting, and most regularly she gains comparisons with the regal likes of Bjork and Fever Ray (who rather appropriately work with the same producer); who can (in their right mind) ignore that type of hype, eh?

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