Live Review: To Kill A King

To Kill A King have a reputation for doing things out of the ordinary. The bunch of grass roots musicians have run a series of successful  gigs that play into the hands of their growing fan base, so when I caught wind of their latest “Guerilla” gig, saying no would have just been rude.  

Given a secret rendezvous at the last moment there was an air of suspense as to where we might be led. Cramped in the back on DLR train heading towards Lewisham, there was an air of excitement as we set off with To Kill A King leading the group of 30-odd people.  

The acoustics of a DLR train are not as bad as they may seem, with the sound of 3 TKAK classics echoing along the train, interest and pace gathered, causing a stir from all a manner of fans, security and commuters alike.  ‘Northern City’, ‘Bloody Shirt’ and ‘Family’ provided opportunity for the crowd to sing and tap along to as we meandered through the romantic bright lights of Canary Warf.

The final destination was a leafy Greenwich and by that time everyone had grown accustomed to each other as the pack were lead by the quintet to a charming pub venue. This half of the gig opened up with the Edith Bentall, from a young band know as The Violets. The singer gave a rip roaring performance weaving gentle, promising vocals around strums and plucks a plenty of harmonising guitars. In the very relaxed atmosphere she demonstrated fantastic musicianship and experience despite her young age that really set the bill for the performance to come.

The last part of the night totally focused on To Kill A King, with Ralph Pelleymounter demonstrating why TKAK are so popular. The rest of TKAK circled, performing an acapella set where instruments were almost redundant, with simple guitars and a deep humming cello. The guys tore through the set, performing precise harmonies over Ralph’s strums and plucks.

With the forthcoming album on the way later this year some of their new material was aired to the gripped pub audience.  Precise vocals provided a beautiful contrast and proved the band can very easily cope with a stripped down set. We just look forward to the album now.